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Bin Flooring
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  • All floor parts are galvanized for lasting durability

  • Unique locking system for reduced floor movement and solid support

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    Bin Flooring

    Bin Flooring

    GSI manufactures many flooring systems depending on your specific grain type or aeration requirements. All floor parts are galvanized for lasting durability and feature a unique locking system for reduced floor movement and solid support.

    Dura-Lok Flooring

    Dura-Lok Flooring
    GSI's newest and strongest flooring, "Dura-Lok", features 3.5" wide sections for a stronger more stable floor. This flooring has a flat top design for a smooth surface, promoting easier sweepability. Two perforation options are available: 0.094" (standard) and 0.050" (small grain). Dura-Lok sits on our commercial grade Mono-Rail support system. Available in bins up to 105 ft. and up to 90 ft. eave heights.

    Cut-Lok Flooring

    Cut-Lok Flooring
    “Cut-Lok” flooring is designed with a 12% opening that prevents any restriction to airflow, lanced extrusions and deep corrugated ribs across a crowned surface for maximum stability.

    Cor-Lok Flooring

    Cor-Lok Flooring
    GSI’s “Cor-Lok” flooring is available in 18 and 20 gauge and features a 12% open round-hole perforation that prevents any restriction in airflow. The full width corrugation and smooth surface provide easy cleaning and make this floor a popular choice. The 20 gauge “Cor-Lok” is also available in a small grains perforation.

    Locking Tab Supports

    Grandstand Patented Locking Tab Supports
    Patented locking tabs attach GSI Grandstand supports to the GSI plank flooring to avoid support movement during installation or fan operation in empty bins. Available in 18 and 20 gauge, tab supports lock to the floor in two different positions to prevent movement.

    DMC Supports

    DMC Floor Supports
    For increased airflow, DMC floor supports provide the perfect solution featuring a reduced air deflection design and easy assembly.

    GSI offers many custom aeration floor systems as well, including full floors above concrete with custom plenum heights, various flush floor in-concrete patterns, and aeration systems for concrete hopper foundations or steel commercial hopper bottomed tanks.

    Plenum Clean Out

    Plenum Clean Out Panel
    Optional plenum clean out panels provide additional convenience for plenum clean out or floor inspection.