FFI and Zimmerman were acquired by GSI in 2001. With over 65 years of industry leading experience in grain conditioning, both FFI and Zimmerman have retained prominent brands under the GSI umbrella. As the world’s largest grain dryer manufacturer, GSI is dedicated to upholding and building upon the proven industry leadership built by the FFI and Zimmerman brands.

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Zimmerman Tower Dryers

After their start in 1963, Zimmerman became the market leader in tower design; since becoming part of the GSI, in 2001, GSI has worked to continue this tradition of quality and performance. With a design that natively allows for easy heat recovery without the uneven heat issues of other dryers, along with a patented self cleaning divider floor and quiet operation, Zimmerman tower dryers give you the features you need.

FFI Portable Dryer

When they started producing portable dryers in 1969, FFI knew they had a market leading product; since then, they’ve become the dryer sales leader offering innovation and improved solutions that fit the GSI quality model. In 2001, we brought FFI’s portable dryers under the GSI family, continuing our legacy of quality.

FFI F-Series Towers

Zimmerman was established in 1963 to build the first modern Tower Dryers. FFI purchased Zimmerman in 1989 and FFI/Zimmerman became a part of the GSI Group, LLC in 2001. All FFI Tower Dryers have their roots in the Zimmerman Tower Design and have been and will continue to be the market leader in grain drying technology.