GSI InterSystems Fertilizer Blending “Mixed Reality” Experience at 2018 MAGIE Show (AGCO Lot #806)


Attendees at the 2018 Midwest Ag Industries Exposition (MAGIE) show Aug. 22-23 at the McLean County Fairgrounds in Bloomington, Illinois, can experience a unique, holographic demonstration of GSI InterSystems’ advanced fertilizer blending tower.

A “mixed reality” demonstration of the blending technology will be conducted throughout the show. Participants will enter a 20- by 20-foot area wearing mixed reality glasses that immerse them in an animated, holographic model of the GSI fertilizer blending tower. Visitors will tour four simulated platform levels and see how each component works to provide industry-leading fertilizer blending speed, efficiency and accuracy.

About GSI InterSystems’ Fertilizer Blending Tower
  • Offers nearly double the speed of any other fertilizer blending tower on the market.

  • Can fill thirteen 24-ton trucks with custom fertilizer batches in one hour and sustain that rate for a full day, providing shorter wait times. Product flows from the top of the tower to the truck in less than five minutes.
  • Stainless steel bins at the top have 300 tons of total capacity and can hold up to 14 different products that can be customized to specific customer needs.
  • Two level sensors per bin ensure bins are continuously fed to keep product moving through the system all day long, without stopping to refill.
  • Two weigh hoppers, each with eight tons of capacity, have twice the weighing speed of competitor towers.

CLICK HERE to see a clip of the GSI InterSystems Fertilizer Solutions HoloLens experience.
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