Air Systems


Air Systems

With the acquisition of DMC, GSI began offering air systems in 1997. These systems move your grain through tubes using air, minimizing damage while maximizing efficiency and convenience. With an air system, you can change and maintain bins from the ground, avoiding air servicing. Here you can easily find the air system that will integrate seamlessly with your GSI dryer or expand your system just by laying more tube.

Key Features

Capacity 200 - 2,500 Bushels per Hour
Tube Diameter 4" - 6"
Effective Length 50 - 500ft.
HP Requirements 10 - 75
Electrical Single or 3 phase


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Quickly and easily select which bin you are filling from the ground with the CA-Select valve.
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Automatic Control Center

Easy control of your system with start and stop buttons for your rotary air lock and blower unit. The control center includes an amp meter for the blower motor with time-delay to empty tubes prior to shutdown.
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Seamlessly Unload GSI Dryer

Rotary air lock accurately feeds grain into the system by locking pressurized air in the system. The control unit can integrate to automatically run with the dryer including fail safe features.

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In-Line Air Valve

Simplify your operation without compromising functionality with a single tube to run to a series of bin rather than individual tubes to each one, reducing ground clutter with our in-line air valve. With this system you’ll also have the ability to switch bins without shutting down the system.
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Full Accessory Offering

We have all the accessories you need to complete your system exactly to your farm’s needs. From cyclones, tube trusses, and silencers, your GSI Dealer can help you choose exactly which accessories you will need.
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Dual Motor Systems

Our dual motor systems are available for 4” and 5” (101.6 and 127 mm) systems tailoring your system to your capacity requirement and allowing you to use dual 20 or 30 hp motors to operate where only single phase power is available.


Calculate your effective system length and find the system that meets your capacity and electrical requirements.

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