GSI Scattergrain Spreaders


GSI Scattergrain Grain Spreaders

Sensible and efficient, the Scattergrain Spreader adapts to specific bin diameters with adjustable grain guides and extensions to reach the outer edges. It’s exclusive damper-controlled center openings ease the filling of the center section. Constructed of heavy gauge steel with heavy-duty fittings, these units require minimal maintenance. Plus, the output shafts utilize anti-friction bearings, encased in lubricant and sealed.

Key Features

Application up to 42' diameter bin
Capacity up to 6,000 BPH



Sealed Drive and Motor

The gear drive is encased in heavy-duty, high-temperature, food-grade lubricant which assures years of virtually maintenance-free operation. There’s no need to worry about belts breaking or constant adjustment. Scattergrain motors are completely sealed against outside dust and moisture, and feature internal automatic reset overload protection.

Damper Plate

Adjustable plates in the blade allow grain to be distributed evenly in the center of the bin.

Grain Guides

The grain guides adjust to help distribute grain to the outer areas of the bin.

Adjustable Mount

All Scattergrain models mount in the openings up to 31" diameter. A special adaptor fits openings up to 60" diameter.


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