4004 GSI Grain Bins, X-Stream Portable Dryers / Pistachio

Ten 42 ft. x 8 ring 4004 Series Grain Bins. 2426 X-Stream Portable Dryers.

Project completed by: ​Industrial Design & Construction

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    2426 X-Stream Dryers

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    48 ft. diameter x 8 rings tall GSI 4004 Model Grain Bins

More Installations

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Altai Krai, Russia

Portable Dryer - Wheat - 2014
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Storage / Bucket Elevator / TopDry
Callout Image

Soriano, Uruguay

Storage - 37.2 MT Capacity - Soybeans and Wheat - 2011
Callout Image

Soriano, Uruguay

Storage - 3 MT Capacity - Soybeans and Wheat - 2014


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