GSI Introduces New QuickBolt™ Towers & Catwalks


ASSUMPTION, Ill. (Feb. 22, 2015) – A new tower and catwalk design allowing more efficient field assembly is being launched by GSI at the Grain Elevator and Processor Society (GEAPS) Exchange 2015 in St. Louis, Mo.

GSI’s QuickBolt™ Towers & Catwalks enables dealers and contractors to significantly reduce installation time, so they can meet customer needs and complete projects faster, even those requiring customization.

Compared to current industry designs, QuickBolt Towers & Catwalks uses fewer pieces and incorporates simplified connections to streamline the assembly process. The overall number of bolts is also greatly reduced for faster assembly, while still providing an industry-leading strength-to-weight ratio.

In addition, platforms can be built as separate units and placed between tower sections. This allows the installer to build and set the platform separately, rather than building it as a part of the tower section, piece by piece in the air.

“QuickBolt Towers & Catwalks is a very intuitive system that is straightforward and easy to understand,” said Derek Hemphill, GSI global product manager for material handling. “Less complexity means projects can be completed faster and more cost-efficiently, and that means more jobs can get done in a shorter period of time.”

Two Product Lines

QuickBolt Towers & Catwalks is available in two product lines:

  • Engineer-to-Order projects can be designed to meet specifications.
  • Configure-to-Order projects allow standard sections and platforms of various sizes to be combined in any sequence.

GSI is now taking orders for QuickBolt Towers & Catwalks projects, and the new system is expected to be fully rolled out by early summer. For more information, grain elevators and farmers can contact their local GSI dealer or visit


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