Maintain grain quality, improve fan efficiency, and increase marketing flexibility with the AgriDry Gravity Grain Spreader and Bullseye Bin Controller. Remote monitoring with AD Link makes it easy to ensure your grain is stored at proper moisture and temperature levels to avoid loss from spoilage or deterioration.

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The AgriDry Gravity Grain Spreader is the only spreader to distribute fines of grain without compromising quality. It’s gentle on grain and tough enough to handle fill rates up to 40,000 BPH (1016 MTH). Uniformly distributed fines eliminate the time and expense of coring and create a better environment for storage. Improve fan efficiency, increase storage time and marketing flexibility with the AgriDry Gravity Grain Spreader.

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Bullseye Controller

The Bullseye Controller Monitors EMC and CEMC to run fans during storage. The Bullseye will effectively manage moisture content to eliminate shrink and maintain condition of the grain in storage, adding valuable shelf life, promoting zero bin entry to increase safety on site and improving margins.