7” Metering Roll

If you are likely to experience extreme trash conditions, the 7” Metering Roll is the option for you. Meter rolls are a proven way to gently control the flow of grain through a grain dryer. Our standard 4” meter rolls have been used with great success since 1987. In extreme trash conditions you may have to adjust their gates to insure even flow and reverse the direction of rotation once an hour to prevent plugging. While making the adjustments is easy to do on the 4”, moving to the 7” meter rolls will provide a larger diameter and automatically adjust flow plates or reversing of direction.


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No Adjustable Gates Required

The 7” (177.8 mm) Metering Rolls unload more evenly over the entire length of the columns, reducing the need for grain column adjustments.

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Simple Bypass and Clean-Out

With the 7” (177.8 mm) Metering Roll you have the ability to bypass the grain in an emergency and clean-out doors for easy end of season maintenance.

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Durable and Gentle

Made out of high quality Aluminum alloy, the expected life of GSI’s Metering Rolls is the same as the dryer itself. With over the top rotation and no pinch points there is no damage to the grain from the process of controlling the flow of grain through the dryer.