Noise Suppression System

Though no GSI dryer requires a noise suppressor, those that want their dryer to be ultra-quiet, even quieter than the competitive centrifugal fan models, should definitely invest in GSI’s Noise Suppression System. Our system will reduce the noise level at 15’ to one-fourth the OSHA 8 hour exposure limit.


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Noise Cut in Half

GSI’s Noise Suppression System is made from high tech noise absorption materials, providing maximum noise reduction, reducing the perceived noise from our previous noise suppression designs by 50%.
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Installation & Maintenance Access

GSI Noise Suppression Systems are easy to install with minimal time and effort. Plus its open top and bottom allows for easy service and maintenance of the dryer fans and motors, and it doesn’t interfere with any functions of the dryer.
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Axial Fans Allowed

The Noise Suppression System allows the use of axial fans, which are over 30% more efficient at delivering air than a centrifugal fan, while increasing motor life significantly by reducing fan start-up time. GSI’s Noise Suppression System is also retrofitable to all GSI and FFI axial fan dryers.