Static Moisture Sampler

for Portable Dryers

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    Sample Chamber

    Chamber has two viewing windows to visually confirm the system is working correctly.

Static Moisture Sampler

GSI’s Static Moisture Sampler was designed to eliminate plugging and accuracy issues experienced in heavy debris conditions. Debris Guards ensure a trash-free sample, while a SideKick Auger mixes and delivers a uniform representative sample to the test chamber. You will get the most accurate results with GSI’s Static Moisture Sampler.


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Accurate Moisture Readings

The moisture reading used to monitor/calculate discharged grain moisture is only taken while the grain is static and not flowing. Taking a static sample allows for the most accurate moisture reading. The result is then displayed on the screen until the next sample is taken.
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Samples Every Minute

Much like collecting a sample manually, GSI’s Static Moisture Sampler takes a sample every minute. A heavy duty high velocity blower with an easy to change filter is mounted to the back of the dryer providing the pressurized air. The air blows the grain from the chamber and back into the discharge of the dryer once every minute, leaving you with a consistent and high rate of testing.
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Eliminates Plugging and Debris Build Up

The sample chamber has a top access door with bars to prevent debris from entering the chamber while allowing easy access.