GSI Model 84 Grain Flow Bin Dryers


Grain Flow

The addition of a GSI Model 84 Grain Flow to a conventional drying bin provides a significant increase in capacity over a standard bin drying system. It removes only the dried grain at the floor. The Calc-U-Dri controls provide complete operational and moisture control. With Grain Flow, there’s no need for a wet bin, but one can be used for maximum capacity. With shallow depths the system achieves higher airflows and capacity. Pulling only the dried grain off the bottom of the bin improves efficiency while preserving exceptional grain quality.

A loading device and equipment to take away the dried grain is the only other required equipment. The GSI Trans-Fer pneumatic system is a perfect match to the Grain Flow system

To get the most out of your system, we also suggest using a GSI Design III Stir-Ator.

Key Features

TYPICAL CAPACITIES/HR Up to 600 bph Dry & Cool @ 5 pt. removal at 160 degree F. operating temperatures
Operation Type Dry/Cool
Fuel LP or Natural Gas
Electrical 1 and 3 phase


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Calc-U-Dri Controls

The Calc-U-Dri control provides operational control for the bottom sweep auger system with full safety monitoring. It periodically trials with a short period of grain movement and only continues if the moisture of the grain in at the desired level. Designed in house, the Calc-U-Dri uses a proven capacitance sensor to calculate grain moisture. It also provides easy calibration of the moisture to insure accurate operation.
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Floor Unload System

Our floor unload system is ruggedly built for a long life. There is a 16’ (4.88 m) grain depth limit, with tapered floor augers to bring the grain to the discharge evenly across the drying floor. A unique hood delivers the grain in the center of the bin to the discharge without paddles or damage to the grain. The system flows up to 700 BPH (17.78 MTH) in operation and has a slide gate for general unloading of dried grain at the end of the season at 1500 – 2000 BPH (38.1 - 50.8 MTH).

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Options and Efficiency

The Grain Flow can be used without a Design III Stir-Ator, but the grain depth should be limited to 4’ to 8’ (1.22 to 2.44 m) for best efficiency and capacity. For depths over 8’ (2.44 m) we recommend the use of our Stir-Ator to insure maximum airflow and that the grain is always level. Operating at a higher 160 degree plenum temperature improves both capacity and efficiency. The immediate removal of the dried grain preserves grain quality.