InterSystems 3i RollerFlo Enclosed Belt Conveyors

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InterSystems 3i RollerFLO™ Enclosed Belt Conveyor

The 3i RollerFLO™ Enclosed Belt Conveyor (patent #US8225926) features heavy duty idlers, a reinforced top channel and external flange bearings. The idler and belt life spans are improved by the use of independent idlers which eliminates differential speeds typically found with the use of spool-type idlers. Independent idlers also allow for deeper trough profiles and higher capacity belt widths.

Key Features

Capacity 30,000 - 125,000 bushel per hour
Finish Painted, Galvanized or Stainless Steel


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Engineered to Last

Heavy duty idlers, rugged idler shafts and reinforced structural support will meet the demands of your facility, day after day. In addition to larger idlers and idler shafts, the 3i features full-reinforced side panels and reinforced structural support of the horizontal roller bearing.
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Easy to Maintain

When your system needs service, replacing a bearing, idler or shaft is simplified through 3i’s easy access points. By simply loosening five bolts, an idler can be removed through an opening in the side panel. Bearings are accessible from the outside, and the horizontal roller includes a stub shaft.
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Safer to Operate

Your operation’s safety is our priority. Easily monitor your system from the outside through the easy-access idler inspection panel. Material build-up and infestation are all but eliminated with the full-width UHMW bottom.
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Moveable Plow

InterSystems discharge plow is designed to provide a cost effective method of moving the discharge position of the belt conveyor to fill flat storage facilities. The unit is motorized for easy location of the discharge plow anywhere on the belt.
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Intermediate Discharge

InterSystems has designed intermediate discharges to bring the belt up at a precise degree of incline before passing through a series of two pulleys for flow-through or discharge which controls unnecessary material carry-over or splash.