InterSystems En-Masse Chain Conveyors


InterSystems En-Masse Chain Conveyors

Moving grain En-Masse is the most efficient (HP/Bushel) way to move grain horizontally in most applications that have multiple inlets and/or multiple discharges. With En-Masse, grain damage and maintenance costs are lower than conveying with augers or air systems.

Key Features

Capacity 3,000 - 48,000 bushel per hour
Bend or Incline Maximum 60⁰
Maximum Horizontal length 200' +
Finish Painted, Galvanized, Hot Dipped or Stainless Steel


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Premium Components

InterSystems’ two En-Masse Conveyor models, the 12/17 Series for average capacity and the higher capacity 26/33 Series, are constructed for years of reliable performance under the toughest conditions.
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Custom Engineering

Each application is unique with its own capacity requirements, location specifications and environmental needs. InterSystems’ team of engineers considers these factors and more when designing each conveying system.
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Features of the En-Masse Conveyor were designed to be easy to service and maintain. Both head and tail shaft assemblies are removable, allowing for quick and convenient service. With fasteners positioned clear of material flow, the A.R. steel liners can be easily removed and replaced.
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Operational Configurations

InterSystems’ En-Masse Conveyors are very adaptable and may be configured in a series of horizontal and/or inclined segments. The application that might have required multiple conveyor runs, drives and transitions may be accomplished with a single En-Masse Conveyor. Tall flight configurations are available for steeper inclines.
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An optional reversing conveying system provides versatility for tight spaces or when multiple intermediate discharges are employed.
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Hip Lids

For En-Masse Conveyors destined for a life exposed to the elements, InterSystems offers a hip lid option. This construction offers superior protection against rain and snow accumulation.