GSI makes safety a top priority. Over 40 grain entrapments happen every year and GSI’s Res-Q-Tube can aid in rescuing victims engulfed in grain.

Historically 70% of grain entrapments happened on-farm, however, in 2011, commercial grain facilities saw 74% of the incidents. This shift in accidents makes it extremely important for farmers, grain elevator operators, and fire and rescue teams to be prepared in the event of a grain engulfment and have a Res-Q-Tube on hand, whether at a commercial or farm facility.

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Key Features

Shield Height 60"
Shield Weight 27 lb. (per panel)
Number of Shield Panels 4
Tube Diameter 30"


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Built to Last

A 60” (1.52 m) tall, 27 pound shield is constructed to fit around the victim with 3 additional shields (30” (.76 m) diameter complete), to stop the flow of the grain toward the victim. GSI’s Res-Q-Tube is built of lightweight aluminum, so it is easy for rescuers to transport and maneuver.

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Relieve Pressure to the Victim

Once all 4 panels of the Res-Q-Tube are in place this will stop the flow of grain towards the victim and block any additional pressure that may be created from rescuers. At this point rescuers will be able to start removing the grain around the victim, inside the tube.
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Prepare to Save Lives, Time & Money

Having a Res-Q-Tube on-hand greatly increases the odds of a victim surviving a grain entrapment while also reducing the amount of time and resources needed to extract a victim safely.
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Res-Q-Tube Training Opportunities

The RES-Q Trainer is a unique piece of mobile equipment that utilizes a seven foot pivot-mounted hopper tank with popup design. The trainer and supervised training program create a safe, controlled environment for relevant and critical rescue training that teaches not only prevention, but the proper actions to take in the event of an actual grain engulfment emergency.

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To schedule Res-Q-Tube training in your area contact Bill Harp, SATRA, at 1-855-SATRA-50 (1-855-728-7250)