Software Updates

Welcome to the GSI Software Update page, it contains information about the various versions of software that have been made available over the last few years for the computerized control systems that GSI currently uses with its grain conditioning equipment.   Learn More >

Network Autoflow

(1998 to Present)


  • Network AF Display 221.bin

    The Network Autoflow software now consists of 3 individual processor controls. Each of these computers must be updated with proper versions of software to insure compatibility.

    NOTE: The IO and Heater software has been renamed to reflect which versions of the Display software this software will work on. ** Version 2.21 Autoflow Display software resolved an issue only if the software was configured to start drying when the High Level Chamber switch was active. It was reported that if this option was selected that sometimes during the dump cycle if the High Level switch became exposed from grain falling away then it may cause an issue with the dump chutes not closing after the dump cycle timer was completed.

    Released 10/20/14

  • Network AF IO 107-220.bin

    Released 04/25/00

  • Network AF Display 220.bin

    Released 04/25/00

  • Network AF Heater 216-220.bin

    Released 07/08/04

  • Network AF Display 216-220.bin

    Released 07/08/04