Barnett Testimonial


Farmers Enjoying Quieter Harvest

Phil and Jacob Barnett of Clarksville in northeast Iowa decided to purchase a new grain dryer to handle more capacity. Their new Quiet Dryer from GSI provided not only more capacity, but also another key benefit — noise relief.

The Barnetts expect to dry between 300,000 and 400,000 bushels of corn this harvest, which means they will keep their dryer operating around the clock. It will be a much quieter harvest because the new dryer features an innovative design that reduces noise by 50% compared to a standard portable dryer with vane-axial fans.

The patent-pending, all-heat GSI Quiet Dryer uses a commercial-strength blower with fewer blades, a less open design and a heavier-duty construction to provide reduced noise and a softer, more pleasing sound compared to the kind of axial fan dryer the Barnetts replaced. It’s also quieter and more energy-efficient than centrifugal fans, which offer less grain throughput and require twice as much horsepower to deliver the same amount of air.

High drying capacity, efficiency
“I wanted to update to a newer model to get more drying capacity and efficiency,” Phil Barnett says. “The quieter sound makes working conditions much nicer, especially since we spend a lot of time working at our grain dump site located close to the dryer.”

Jarod Wendt, GSI grain conditioning engineering manager, notes that some competitive portable dryers offer reduced noise, but often by sacrificing efficiency or capacity. In contrast, the GSI Quiet Dryer fully maintains grain quality, dryer capacity, flame quality, and a proper air and heat mix. Noise suppression systems can be added to conventional dryers, he notes, but many operators find these objectionable from an aesthetics standpoint.

Wendt says the Quiet Dryer alleviates on-farm noise and benefits nearby neighbors who can hear the loud noise of standard portable dryers from miles away. Not only is the new dryer quieter, but with a frequency centered in the 1,000 Hz range, it produces a more comfortable, less harsh tone.

Protect hearing, avoid noise
“The Quiet Dryer is really is much quieter and a very significant difference compared to what we had before,” says Phil Barnett, who purchased his new model from GSI dealer, Countryside Construction, based in Orchard, Iowa.

More than just a source of annoyance, noise is also one of the most common occupational hazards. Health experts warn that exposure to high levels of noise may cause hearing loss, create physical and psychological stress, reduce productivity, and interfere with communications.