Carl Ryan Testimonial


Upgrading His System 
The 2009 harvest was the year that most farmers realized they were short on drying capacity and Carl Ryan was no exception. After enduring a wet fall with a dryer that couldn’t keep up with his growing operation, Ryan purchased a GSI T-Series 1575 Tower Dryer in 2010. “I refuse to give up harvesting early, so I knew I needed more capacity. I chose the GSI dryer because it’s extremely efficient and the Vision Control System makes it very simple to operate” he said. This year Ryan added two bucket elevators and two wet holding tanks to his operation and now has a total of 375,000 bushels of storage. When Carl upgraded his storage system, he decided to stick with the GSI brand. He had positive results with GSI equipment in the past and he wanted to continue doing business with his GSI Dealer, who always provided him high quality service and support.

Harvest Challenges 
Many years ago Carl realized that if he started harvest earlier he could bring in more bushels. Today he starts at 30% moisture and intends to be finished by 20%. Having grown up on a farm, he is very familiar with weather and head shatter losses. So it didn’t take him long to figure out that if he finishes harvest by 20% then he doesn’t have to deal with those other losses. “I think 26% is the optimum moisture to harvest. It balances the combine damage at higher moistures and the loss of yield from allowing it to dry in the field,” said Ryan.

GSI System Solutions 
Since installing the Tower Dryer his harvest has sped up considerably. Every year Ryan is required to take some of his grain to the elevator due to an agreement with one of his Landlords and every year it reminds him how much simpler it is to run his grain through his own system. Ten years ago, a lot of people couldn’t see the benefits of starting their harvest earlier. But as an early adopter of the routine, Carl Ryan was able to turn his GSI Dealer, who also farms, into a believer. He encouraged him to start early one harvest and see for himself. Since then the Dealer has made harvesting early his fall routine too, all thanks to Carl.