Foutch Testimonial


Craig and Brian Foutch

Planning for the Future
With big plans to carry on the success of their family farm, the Foutch brothers have always invested in their farm equipment, practices and grain systems. They are firm believers in keeping up with technology and quickly upgraded their combine to monitor their yields and grain moisture. Having this information at their fingertips made the brothers realize one thing; they needed to increase their drying capacity. In 2010 they replaced their old dryer and upgraded to a GSI T-24100 Tower Dryer with WatchDog. With an eye toward future storage growth, they replaced the whole grain system to match their new dryer.

Harvest Challenges
The Foutch brothers had read about invisible losses in the past and after watching closely for several years, they proved to themselves that these invisible losses were real. They had experienced weather and disease losses and were also familiar with head shatter losses when corn was harvested at 19% or below, but invisible loss was different. Through their combine monitoring system the evidence became obvious that when they left fields near 30% and returned at lower moisture levels, their yields were significantly lower and there was no indication of lodging or other damages to explain it. The Foutch brothers often debate about what specific moisture level to begin harvest, but they always agree that the earlier, the better.

GSI Grain System Solution
Since then, the Foutch’s have made drying 100% of their corn crop a key component in their plan to maximize their yields. “We decided on the GSI T-24100 Tower Dryer because it can dry 1,440 bph at 10 points and we knew we wanted a dryer with the capacity to allow us to start harvest at 30% and get the crop in during good conditions with minimal losses,” said Craig. The Foutch’s high capacity tower dryer has allowed them to start and finish their harvest early, while their entire system has been balanced to eliminate bottlenecks with the commercial durability to make sure they have very little downtime. With their new dryer’s capabilities the Foutch brothers were eager to start capturing their fields’ full yield potential. When they realized that the bushels they used to see disappear due to invisible loss would now easily pay for the gas used for drying, that was just the icing on the cake.