In-Bin Dryers

Product Comparison

StirAtor Grain Flow Low Temp Bin Drying
Bin Size Up to 36' - 5 Ring - 4" Up to 36' - 5 Ring - 4" Up to 48' - 5 Ring - 4"
Max. Capacity (Corn) 5 pt. Removal 200 BPH 600 BPH 1 Fill Per Year
Max. Capacity (Corn) 10 pt. Removal 115 BPH 400 BPH 26,350 Per Year
Operation Dry & Cool Batch All Heat Staged Batch Dry & Cool Batch
Controls Manual Electrical Box Calc-U-Dri Manual w/ Humidistat or Automated Aeration Controller
Efficiency * * * * * * * * * *
Ease of Management * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Learn about the entire range of in bin conditioning products to find the system that fits your operation.
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In Bin System manuals

Download the manual for your in bin system to get user information, specifications, and more.
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