David Manufacturing Co. (DMC)


David Manufacturing Co. (DMC)

DMC has been working with the farming community for over 45 years providing quality grain conditioning and material handling systems. Solid craftsmanship, affordability, and proven reliability season after season. DMC was acquired by GSI in 1997 and has been rebranded under the GSI name.

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Air Systems

With the acquisition of DMC, GSI began offering air systems in 1997. These systems move your grain through tubes using air, minimizing damage while maximizing efficiency and convenience. With an air system, you can change and maintain bins from the ground, avoiding air servicing. Here you can easily find the air system that will integrate seamlessly with your GSI dryer or expand your system just by laying more tube.
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Grain Flow

The addition of a GSI Model 84 Grain Flow to a conventional drying bin provides a significant increase in capacity over a standard bin drying system. It removes only the dried grain at the floor. The Calc-U-Dri controls provide complete operational and moisture control. With Grain Flow, there’s no need for a wet bin, but one can be used for maximum capacity. With shallow depths the system achieves higher airflows and capacity. Pulling only the dried grain off the bottom of the bin improves efficiency while preserving exceptional grain quality.
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For over 30 years, the Design III Stir-Ator has been the most dependable Stir-Ator system. Though among the lowest in capacity, the Design III can turn a grain bin into a drying system at a minimum investment. A high temperature, above 10 deg rise, bin dryer has to have a way to dry all the grain to the same moisture. Just running a fan & heater on a bin full of grain will result in 5% grain at the bottom with no moisture removed on the top. GSI’s Stir-Ator insures that all the grain is the same moisture, with no wet tank required; all you need is a fan & heater and an auger to fill the bin.


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