InterSystems Original RollerFLO Enclosed Belt Conveyor


InterSystems Original RollerFLO™ Enclosed Belt Conveyor

With a proven track record of success in the design and manufacture of drag conveyors, InterSystems introduced a line of Enclosed Belt Conveyors in 1999, meeting your demands for higher capacity requirements, longer lengths and more efficient horsepower. Through our own in-house engineering, InterSystems’ Enclosed Belt Conveyors have evolved to satisfy the needs of high volume grain operations, feed plants, ethanol plants and processing facilities. InterSystems continually works to improve the design, performance and features of Enclosed Belt Conveyors to provide years of reliable performance under the toughest conditions.

Key Features

Capacity 30,000 - 50,000 bushel per hour
Finish Painted, Galvanized or Stainless Steel


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Custom Engineering

Behind every conveyor is our team of engineers, dedicated to design improvements including InterSystems’ established formula for calculating belt tension which promotes longer belt life and reduced maintenance costs. Requirements for horsepower are calculated through a precise process, and calculations of shaft size consider bending moment, torsion, amount of load applied and distance between bearing centers.
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Heavy Duty Construction

InterSystems’ belt conveyors feature heavy 10 gauge housing. Heavy duty thick steel idler rollers include machined shaft bores. The one-piece idler rollers are constructed with an extra outer rim for increased strength and better belt alignment.
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Highly Adaptable

InterSystems’ Enclosed Belt Conveyors may be configured in a series of horizontal and/or inclined segments. An application that historically may have required multiple conveyor runs, drives and transitions may be accomplished with a single belt conveyor and with less horsepower.