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X-Series Sweep

The zero-entry X-Series Sweep incorporates our industry-leading positive drive system and the most intelligent sweep control on the market today to provide the highest performance of any zero-entry sweep. Additional safety switches are easily added to the X-Series control to prevent employees from entering the bin during the operation of the sweep.
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Res-Q Tube

GSI’s RES-Q Tube aids in rescue during a grain engulfment if a portion of the victim is above the grain and if the grain surrounding the victim is higher than the exposed portion of the victim. GSI’s RES-Q Tube is made of a lightweight aluminum for ease of transport and use.

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X-Series Ladders

At GSI, your safety is our number one priority. That’s why we have carefully designed the exclusive X-Series ladders and platforms specifically to meet OSHA guidelines to ensure the safest work environment possible.


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