Z-Series™ Grain Bins

with Flexwave® Technology

This new, industry-leading technology will provide an automated process to move stored grain out of the bin with no need to shovel, sweep - or even enter the bin.


The Future of Bin Unloading

GSI is revolutionizing the unload process, eliminating the need to shovel, sweep or enter a bin. This patent-pending system provides complete, zero-entry cleanout, efficiently and safely.

Z-Series Bins with Flexwave Technology are a higher capacity and more cost-effective alternative to hopper tanks.

The Z-Series Grain Bin is simple to use with a control system automating the process. Two inflatable liners each unload over 100 tons of grain by using less than one psi of air pressure. As each liner inflates, grain is gently moved to a center trough. And with an inflation range to 110 degrees, more than 99% of the grain is removed without the use of a sweep auger or manual labor.

Flexible tubes move with the liner and distribute up to 1/7 CFM/bu of air from the center trough through the grain.

It’s Game Changing
In addition to ridding yourself of time-consuming and dusty work, there’s no need for a perforated floor which increases capacity. And, it is more reliable than current methods since there are no exposed mechanical components.

Key Features

Sizes 24' & 30' Diameter
Capacity up to 47,000 bushels



Z-Series Controls

Z-Series Bins feature a touchscreen control for complete clean-out with the touch of a button.


Flexible tubes move with the liner and distribute up to 1/7 CFM/bu of air from the center trough through the grain.

Durable Liner

The liner is constructed of reinforced polyester fabric coated with PVC resin and is expected to last 30 years.


When the automated control system is activated, the center well is opened for gravity unloading.

The first liner begins to inflate when grain stops flowing. Each liner can unload more than 100 tons of grain using less than one PSI of air pressure.

The liner fully inflates to 110 degrees completely emptying the grain into the unload.


As soon as the left inflate cycle ends, the liner is automatically pulled back and cleared from the trough area. The right liner then begins to inflate.

The right liner fully inflates to 110 degrees emptying the remaining grain into the unload.

The bin is empty and the liners fully retract, restoring the bin to full capacity – all with zero manpower required and zero risk of entrapment or entanglement since it is truly a zero-entry bin unload method.


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