QuickBolt™ Catwalks lead the industry with an innovative design that simplifies field assembly. Customize your catwalk to fit your needs by adding handrail or walk-thru trusses, or with pans well over 200’ – no matter what fits your operation, QuickBolt Catwalks will save you time in the field.
  • Reduction of loose pieces 
  • Deflection limiting connections
  • Simplified connection design
  • Simple span trusses
  • Greater span-to-weight ratios

Key Features

Handrail Truss HT60 spans up to 60’
HT80 spans up to 85’
HT120 spans up to 115’
HT170 spans up to 140’
Walk-Thru Truss WT180 spans up to 150’
WT200 spans up to 160’
WT250 spans up to 190’
20' Handrail Truss 18 Pieces - 56/68 Bolts Per Section
20' Walk-Thru Truss 26 Pieces - 56 Bolts per section


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Multiple Truss Styles

Handrail or Walk-Thru Truss options are available for our catwalk configurations. Handrail trusses are ideal for medium spans with standard models spanning up to 140 feet. , Handrail trusses have open tops make placing conveyors into already set catwalks easier. Walk-Thru Trusses are ideal for longer spans and maximum loading requirements with standard spans up to 190.
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Greatest Span-to-Length Ratios

We have efficiently used steel to provide the greatest span-to-length ratios in the industry to make our catwalks.
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Simple Intuitive Connections

Fewer pieces allow crews to assemble catwalks faster and minimize the complexity of sorting and keeping track of pieces at the job site.
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Midspan Walk Around

2 feet wider to give extra space for motors, drives, trippers and other transitions.
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End Service Walk Around

2 feet wider to give extra space for motors, drives, trippers and other transitions.


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