Liquid Samplers


Liquid Samplers

InterSystems liquid industrial samplers are appropriate for collecting samples from a wide viscosity range of free-flowing materials. They sample liquids in pipelines and tanks, powders, granules, and flakes. These models provide representative and repeatable samples, employ very simple and reliable operation and use minimum headroom.

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For a wide viscosity range of liquids that extracts samples from pipe lines or tanks.

This liquid sampler is mounted on the wall of a tank or pipe line via a matching 150# flange. Closed systems are available and may be jacketed and/or purged. When activated, the 1” diameter sampling probe extends into the liquid line. Sample is collected in the probe’s cavity (8cc standard). The probe then retracts out of the liquid stream and seals the line.
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For free-flowing materials ranging from microscopic powders to large granules & pellets & heavy viscosity liquids with acid suspensions.

This industrial sampling system collects accurate samples from gravity or pneumatic conveying systems (positive or negative, dense or dilute phase). Mounting may be in vertical or horizontal lines, spouts or chutes. When activated, the sample tube extends into the product stream and collects a sample. The sample tube then fully retracts, seals the line and eliminates product stream obstruction. Close tolerance auger then moves the ample to the discharge and provides excellent product clean-out.
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Samples materials from light to heavy density powders, granules & flakes in a pressurized conveying line or pressure vessel.

This product must be installed perpendicular to the product line and for optimal performance should be 30 degrees down from horizontal. Additionally, the sampler should be located where the product has a non-turbulent flow pattern. When activated a double-acting pneumatic cylinder forces the slotted sampling tube (probe) into the product line to collect a sample of the material. Next, the probe is withdrawn into the seal housing isolating the sample and sample tube cavity from the conveying line. The sample then falls down and out of the discharge tube to the desired sample collection point.
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InterSystems control packages are available to suit any sampling control application. The standard units allow manual and automatic sampling operations. These units can handle a wide variety of voltages and frequencies and can be constructed for most environments.