Pit Samplers


Pit Samplers

InterSystems pit samplers are appropriate for collecting samples from a wide range of materials. They sample fines, small or large particles, and also work with abrasive materials. These models provide representative and repeatable samples, employ very simple and reliable operation and use minimum headroom.

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Samples fines, small or large particles & works with abrasive materials

These samplers employ very simple and reliable operation and use minimum headroom. Mounting may be in chutes, hoppers, at belt end or head chutes. While fully extended, the sample tube rotates 270 degrees, taking a representative sample through the product stream. The sample tube then retracts out of the product stream, into the sampler housing and deposits the sample into the discharge. The sample tube can be driven pneumatically or hydraulically.
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Sample Tube Operation (PRT and HD-PRT)

1. At rest & retracted – tube then begins to enter product stream at the 6 o’clock position

2. As the tube moves through the product stream it rotates from the 6 to 3 o’clock position while collecting sample

3. After collection, tube retracts back into the PRT sample

4. Retracted, the tube rotates back to the 6 o’clock position & releases sample into the chute – ready to repeat
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InterSystems control packages are available to suit any sampling control application. The standard units allow manual and automatic sampling operations. These units can handle a wide variety of voltages and frequencies and can be constructed for most environments.