GSI Commercial Tower Dryers


GSI Commercial Tower Dryers

GSI released its first Tower Dryer in 1994 pioneering the hopper bottom unload and the Patented GSI Grain Inverters at that time; since then we’ve only improved on our tower dryers with consistent innovation. GSI’s Commercial Tower Dryer design natively allows for easy heat recovery without the uneven heat issues of other designs, patented self cleaning divider floor and quiet operation with the fans located inside the grain column. We know that during harvest, having the most efficient and reliable machinery is essential, so in addition to offering market leading tower dryers, we back up our product with reliable service.

Key Features

CAPACITIES/HR Up to 10,000 bph Dry & Cool @ 5 pt. removal
Operation Type Dry/Cool
Fuel LP or Natural Gas
Electrical 3 phase
Standard Grain Inverters
Standard Vacuum Cool Heat Recovery


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Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC Controls

State-of-the-art CompactLogix PLC Controls offer simple operation, with an easy-to-read large color graphic touch display. Easily located on the dryer or remote with a few wires, our controls are specifically designed to control GSI Tower Dryers, giving you unmatched options and settings to get exactly what you need from your dryer control while allowing seamless integration with other grain system PLC controls.
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Grain Inverters

Eliminate over-dried grain and maximize drying efficiency and quality by using a GSI’s patented grain inverter. This system inverts all but the outside 2" (50.8 mm) of grain promoting higher test weights, maximum grain quality, and reduced fuel usage. The outside layer of wet grain is dried using the heat which would have otherwise escaped the dryer, keeping your operation energy efficient. A convenient clean-out door provides easy, quick maintenance.

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Static Moisture Sampler

Improve your accuracy with the static moisture sampler. Debris guards ensure a trash-free sample and delivers a uniform representative sample to the test chamber. A blower system gently moves the grain out of the chamber, cleaning it each cycle. Get the most accurate results as the moisture reading used to monitor/calculate discharge grain moisture is only taken while the grain is static and not flowing.

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WatchDog allows you to monitor and control your dryer from anywhere. Monitor and adjust moisture and temperature from your phone, tablet, or computer with ease.​
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Industry Best Emissions Control

Our emissions control features a tapered design to keep particulate in the dryer instead of in the air. Standard small .078” (1.98 mm) perforations are used to retain bees wings and particulate material, while even smaller .0625” (1.59 mm) perforations are used at the critical areas below the Grain Inverters and on the inside of the cooling area. Solid, non-perforated exterior sheets are used at the Grain Inverters and in the discharge section to minimize particulate escape.

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Standard Patented Metering Drum discharge

GSI’s field proven Drum Discharge rotates quickly, removing grain from every column nearly continuously and virtuously maintenance free.With the hopper bottom, the grain travels less than 3’ (.91 m) with no damage on a standard stainless steel floor, while the VFD drive offers accurate, dependable operation.

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Tower Dryer Heat Reclaimer

GSI’s patented (US Patent No. 9,863,703) Heat Reclaimer technology is the first of its kind, giving you the ability to reuse the dryer’s heat, while minimizing debris build-up. The GSI Heat Reclaimer separates the hot, dry air and returns it into the drying process again, while simultaneously taking the cold, wet air and debris and discarding it via the open bottom.


One size does not fit all when it comes to drying grain, and that’s why GSI features a complete lineup of grain dryers. With the ability to dry in or out of bin, batch or continuous flow we have the dryer to fit your needs and maximize your profitability.

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