GSI Low Temperature Bin Drying


GSI Low Temperature Bin Drying

GSI’s Low Temp Bin Dryers are not so much a product, but more a combination of GSI’s quality products and specific grain management techniques into a drying system. Using any GSI grain bin, preferably a stiffened model combined with GSI’s 1750 rpm Centrifugal Fan(s) and upstream low temp burners, you have the necessary components to dry in bin without the need for a Stir-Ator or other equipment. Moisture control is provided using a simple humidistat with your own management of temperature and humidity. By controlling airflow when humidity and temperature are in equilibrium with the desired moisture, all of the grain is brought to the desired moisture without over drying.

Key Features

TYPICAL CAPACITIES/HR 1 bin fill per harvest season up to 31,900 bu./year using a 48’ 6 ring 4.00” bin
Operation Type Near Ambient High Airflow Drying
Fans 1750 Centrifugal
Burners Upstream
Fuel LP or Natural Gas
Electrical 1 and 3 phase


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Hardware Requirements

The fan must be a 1750 rpm Centrifugal. The burner must be an upstream to guarantee even heat mix in the bin plenum and should provide no more than 10 degrees of temperature rise. A Humidistat reading the air in the plenum of the bin is the minimum. An automatic fan control system is a much more management free option.​
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Operational Requirements

To assure success the grain depth must not exceed 21’ (6.4 m) not counting the plenum area of the bin. The airflow per bushel must be at least 1 cfm/bu. when the bin is level full. Static should be no more than 6”-6.5” (152.4-165.1 mm) so that the temperature rise can be provided with the burner not heat from pressurized air. A Humidistat reading the air in the plenum of the bin is the minimum to keep from over drying the lower portions of the bin.

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A stiffened GSI bin no larger than 48’ (14.63 m) and 6-rings tall gives more protection against bin damage. To reduce time spent managing the system, an automatic fan control system can be added. It operates by monitoring the ambient temperature and humidity while controlling the fan and heater to only run when conditions are right and provide heat only when necessary.