InterSystems Bucket Elevators


InterSystems Bucket Elevators

For over 40 years, InterSystems has been designing and manufacturing bucket elevators for grain operations, flour mills and fertilizer, ethanol, malt and feed processing plants. Though constructed of heavy duty materials for durability, InterSystems’ bucket elevators are designed to handle materials with care.

Key Features

Capacity 2,000 - 80,000 bushel per hour
Pulley Sizes 24", 30", 36", 42", 48”, 60"
Finish Painted, Galvanized, Hot Dipped or Stainless Steel


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Custom Engineering

The design of each bucket elevator is considered an InterSystems’ custom order and begins with a detailed computer analysis. The unique expectations of each project, including capacity requirements, commodity specifications and site conditions, are incorporated in the design and manufacturing process. InterSystems’ calculated approach ensures that the delivered system exceeds the expectations of our clients.
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Unitized Trunking

Our method of shipping unitized trunking sections ensures straight and plumb stacking and you’ll have less construction in the field.
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Heavy Duty Construction

InterSystems’ Bucket Elevators are manufactured with precision to run smoothly and operate quietly. Engineered head shafts are supported by externally mounted double roller bearings for maximum service life and safe operation. Heavy gauge trunking ensures structural integrity, and the screw take-up is designed for rugged duty.
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Jib Boom with Trolley

Jib booms may be added to InterSystems’ Bucket Elevators for ease of motor maintenance.
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Boot Styles

In addition to standard models, Bucket Elevators may include Self-Cleaning or Self-Adjusting boots. The Self-Cleaning boot is totally enclosed for clean operation and includes an easily replaced A. R. steel bottom. The Self-Adjusting boot includes automatic gravity belt tension and alignment, and self-adjusts to temperature and humidity changes.
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Multiple Finishes

In addition to multiple exterior finishes (galvanized, hot dipped, painted or stainless steel,) Bucket Elevators include a replaceable head and hood lining in optional urethane, ceramic tile or ceramic chip urethane. Elevator buckets are standard in UHMW polyethylene but can be specified in steel, nylon or urethane.