4004: Unstiffened Bins

4" Corrugation

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    Roof Panels

    GSI’s in-plane roof lap is designed to prevent leaking by eliminating the flashing that is required between the upper and lower panels. Single sheet roofs are standard for all bins up to 78’ diameter. From single-sheet roofs to an overlapped panel design, your crop is protected.

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    Bin Doors

    2-Ring Doors are Standard on all 40-Series™ Grain Bins.

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    Superior Protection

    A commercial G-90, galvanized steel coating increases life and durability.

4004: Unstiffened Bins

Popular with farms across America, the 4004 is available in capacities ranging from 1,677 to 60,000 bushels. Storing your grain on-farm can help you capture market carry, harvest on your own schedule and market your grain when and where you want.

Key Features

Capacity 1,677-60,000 Bushels
Diameters 15'-48'
Door 2 ring door standard
Temperature Cable Brackets Optional 24'-48'


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Each GSI bin is efficiently designed to handle maximum loads for unmatched strength. Most sidewall sheets are manufactured from high-tensile steel that is rated at 70,000 psi (480MPa) or greater.
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Walk-through Bin Doors

Walk-Through bin doors are standard on all 40-Series grain bins. All inner door panels on GSI’s walk-through doors open completely. There are no horizontal bars or braces to unbolt or remove, so opening is quick and easy. No wrenches or tools are required to operate.
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Roof Panels

The new 40-Series™ roof panels incorporate a 3” (76.2 mm) tall rib with over and under lap profiles ensuring a precise fit. 3 bend rib profiles are also incorporated in the new design for increased strength to stand up even in the harshest of environments.

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Dura-Lok Flooring

Our most popular floor option, Dura-Lok flooring is the strongest floor available, making it ideal for tall bins. Supported by a post and beam system, the Dura-Lok floor features 3.5” (88.9 mm) wide sections for a stronger, easier-to-clean, and more stable floor.

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We have a full line of bin-unloading solutions with horizontal, 25 degree, and vertical discharge options. Carry in or integrated power sweep, we have what you need to get your bin unloaded.

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Your safety is a top priority. Durable and weather-resistant GSI stairways, ladders, cages, platforms, sidewall doors, steps, and roof caps are designed to provide safe, convenient access points.


One size does not fit all when it comes to storing grain, and that’s why GSI features over 75 versions of the 4004 Unstiffened, 4" Corrugated grain bin. With the ability to hold anywhere from 11,000 bushels to 1.2 million bushels, our full line of grain bins are customized to fit your needs and maximize your profitability.

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