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Preparing for Harvest: Seven Pre-Harvest Steps to Get Your Grain Bins Ready

When harvest season arrives, you’re busy. You’re headed in many different directions, and you don’t have a single minute to waste. That’s why pre-harvest grain bin maintenance is so important. We hope there’s a lot of grain about to pass through your dryer, handling equipment and bins. And with no room in the schedule for a breakdown, it’s critical that every piece of equipment is in excellent operating condition and ready for what could be your best year yet. Take advantage of the lull just before harvest - don’t wait until the combines are rolling!

Here are seven pre-harvest steps to help you ensure your grain bins are prepped and ready for harvest:

  1. Examine and clean all of the control boxes and sensors. If any component looks out of order, replace it.
  2. Inspect all belts for correct tension and replace any that look worn or problematic.
  3. Check chains and drives for tension and lubricate well.
  4. Remove debris from the dryer, auger, drag and bin - inside and out.
  5. Lubricate all bearings.
  6. Ensure safety cages, shields and dump points are secure and in good condition.
  7. If any components show damage or excessive wear, replace them.

During a busy harvest, any of these could fail - and down time is something no farmer can afford.

NOTE: When maintaining your grain conditioning system and its components, always turn off all power and use appropriate safety practices, including “lock-out/tag-out” procedures. Learn more about safety procedures from our grain bin safety checklist.

For more information, contact your local GSI dealer.

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