GSI Enclosed Belt Conveyors


GSI Enclosed Belt Conveyors

Ideal for long length runs, belt conveyors are an extremely efficient and gentle way to move grain, requiring less maintenance than other conveyor types giving you ease and efficiency for your operation.

Key Features

Capacity 8,000 - 57,000 bushel per hour
Bend or Incline Maximum 15⁰ incline and 12⁰ bend
Maximum Horizontal length 600'
Finish Galvanized or Powder Coat


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Built to Last

All trough pieces are flanged with structural angle to provide rigidity and accurate alignment. The trough is a bolted, 3 piece construction, rather than a formed U shape, for increased strength, durability, and ease of service.
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Maintenance Friendly

Re-lagging doors on both sides of the head allow for easy removal and installation of the slide lags without breaking the belt. Inspection doors are located in the intermediate sections next to both the head and tail. In addition, bolt on trough bottoms make liner replacement easy.

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Multiple Finishes

Available in galvanized or powder coated steel to stand up to the elements and provide you with years of service with superior visual appearance.
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Intermediate Service Doors

Optional doors can be ordered on each intermediate for the quick and easy removal of an idler without the need to break the belt.
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Low Profile

When you are retrofitting an existing site we understand more space isn’t always an option; that’s why we offer low profile heads and loaders to help make the space you have work better for you.
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GSI offers a full line of gates, transitions, discharges monitoring devices, and operators to customize your GSI belt conveyor specifically to your application.