InterSystems Kleen-Drag Conveyors


InterSystems Kleen-Drag Conveyors

InterSystems responded to the specific needs of the feed industry with the development of the patented Kleen-Drag Conveyor. The self-cleaning bottom and complete enclosure mean cleanout is easier and your plant operation remains sanitary.

Key Features

Capacity 2,000 - 35,000 bushel per hour
Bend or Incline Maximum 60⁰
Maximum Horizontal length 200' +
Finish Painted, Galvanized, Hot Dipped or Stainless Steel


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Contoured Tail Design

The contoured tail design resists accumulation of material.
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Clean Operation

The Kleen-Drag Conveyor eliminates cross-contamination that can occur during receiving, manufacturing and packaging. For further prevention of co-mingling between production cycles, disinfectant can be run through the Kleen-Drag. The chance of pockets of material accumulating in the gates is all but eliminated through the flush-mount design. Additionally, the Kleen-Drag is specifically engineered to utilize slower chain speeds, promoting easy handling of sensitive products.
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Kleen-Drag Conveyors were designed to be easy to service and maintain. With fasteners positioned clear of material flow, the A.R. steel liners can be quickly replaced without parting or removing the chain.
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Operational Configurations

InterSystems’ Kleen-Drag Conveyors are very adaptable and may be configured in a series of horizontal and/or inclined segments. The application that might have required multiple conveyor runs, drives and transitions may be accomplished with a single Kleen-Drag Conveyor.
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An optional reversing conveying system provides versatility for tight spaces or when multiple intermediate discharges are employed.
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Intermediate Discharge Gates

Intermediate discharge gates are used when there is a requirement for multiple discharge points. The Kleen-Drag gates open perpendicular to the conveyor and are flush with the bottom which means there is no pocket where material will collect and potentially cause cross-contamination.