GSI Gravity Spreaders


No Electricity Required

Gravity flow spreaders are used to distribute dry grain in storage bins. The force of the falling grain against the chute’s curved vanes causes a slow, even rotation which gently disperses the grain – all without the need for electricity.

The chute is designed to divide the flowing grain and move it into four concentric rings. Fines and light material remain with the flowing mass of grain and are distributed away from the bin’s center.

Two different models are available with options to provide spreading capacities from 200 to 10,000 bushels per hour in storage bins ranging from 18’ to 72’ diameter.

Key Features

Application 15' - 72'
Capacity up to 10,000 BPH




Hopper is equipped with angled baffles to gently and evenly direct grain onto the chute.

Curved Vane

Chute is adjustable for different diameter bins. An optional chute extension is also available.

Optional Centering Hopper

Optional centering hopper fits most spreader brands with diameters of 18" to 22". Attaches to your existing spreader and will center and straighten the grain flow before it reaches the spreader, ensuring a more accurate and even spread.


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