Chain Loop and UBC Powersweep


Chain Loop & UBC Powersweep

A Direct Gear Drive sweep for use with Chain Loop and Under-Bin Conveyor systems. This sweep utilizes many of the same great features and components of GSI's Direct Gear Drive Powersweep.

In Chain Loop applications this sweep is available with a 9" sweep auger and 8", 10" and 12" unloads. Sized for 24'-72' diameter bins, with capacities up to approximately 4,500 BPH.

When used with an Under-Bin Conveyor the DGD sweep is available with a 10" auger in 24'-72' diameter bins.

Key Features

Capacities up to 4,500 BPH
Chain Loop Sweep Auger Diameter 9"
UBC Sweep Auger Diameter 10"
Fits bin diameters 24' - 72'



Gear Drive

The Chain Loop Powersweep is powered independently of the chain loop system via a 90 degree chain driven gear drive.

Dura-Edge® Flighting

All direct gear drive sweeps are equipped with heavy-duty 7-gauge Dura-Edge® Flighting that lasts 30% longer than regular flighting. An improved wear option is also available.


Proven drive wheel design provides aggressive sweep action, advancing the sweep into the grain in even the most challenging conditions.


One size does not fit all when it comes to unloading grain, and that’s why GSI has a full line of bin unloads. Designed for use with Chain Loop systems, and with the ability to move up to 4,500 bushels per hour, these direct gear drive sweeps can be an efficient unload option for you.

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