Direct Gear Drive Sweep


Completely Redesigned

Re-engineered Direct Gear Drive power sweeps feature new center and intermediate well designs, heavy-duty gearboxes, single piece backshield assembly and redesigned end-wheel. With fewer moving parts, GSI Direct Gear Drive power sweeps are now more durable, reliable and easier to maintain than ever. Direct Gear Drive power sweeps are available in 8" (up to 48' dia. bins) and 10" (24' to 72') models, and are permanently installed and ready to start up with the flip of a switch.

Key Features

Capacities 1,500 - 5,000 bph
Power Heads Vertical, Horizontal, 25°
Unload Auger Diameter 8" or 10"
Fits bin diameters 15' - 72'


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Center Well

Redesigned center well uses fewer components, and unload tube bolts directly onto the center well for easier installation. Extended bolts on center well gate break up clusters. Steel roller bearings allow for smooth gate operation and durability.

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Rack-and-pinion controls are standard on all direct gear drive sweeps. Simplified sweep engagement with a band on control handle, with pin for locking position. Separate control pipes for center and intermediate wells along with a crank handle make opening and closing gates very easy.

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Proven drive wheel design provides aggressive sweep action, advancing the sweep into the grain in even the most challenging conditions.


One size does not fit all when it comes to unloading grain, and that’s why GSI has a full line of bin unloads. With the ability to move 1,500-5,000 bushels per hour, powered from outside the bin, a direct gear drive sweep can be an efficient unload option for you.

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