Leave In Sweep

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    Acquiring the correct belt tension is as simple as raising and lowering the unit's motor mount plate using its two set-screws.

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    An innovative auger fighting that features a thicker outer edge that allows you to move up to 100 BPH more than traditional fighting. The thicker edge also increases the auger's lifespan by over 50%.

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    Durable Skeletonized Design

    Features a skeletonized frame designed to allow the sweep to be completely wrapped by grain when buried, reducing load stress on the bin sweep and promoting durability.

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    Pre-Set Carrier Wheels

    Features a pre-set carrier wheel system that provides stability to the sweep as it circles the grain bin. This system requires no adjustment prior to operation, promoting a true zero-entry experience.

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    SureGrip™ WHEEL

    Exclusive gear reduction wheel that provides increased sweep traction with its 18" vulcanized rubber design. With a 16:1 gear reduction ensures positive traction and forward movement of the sweep into the grain.

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    Motorized Tractor Drive

    Provides you with sustained traction and power with its dual foam tires and the ability to adjust the weight on the drive.

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    Industry-exclusive UL Listed Collector Ring (recognized in Canada as well as the US). The Collector Ring prevents twisting of the sweep power cables as the sweep circles the bin. A CE Certified Collector Ring for European operations is also available.

Permanent Commercial Sweep for Full Floors

Designed for 30'-105' Bins with full floors, the GSI Leave In Commercial Sweep will handle capacities up to 6,500 BPH. Features premium flighting and two different auger sizes (10" and 12"). An exclusive UL Listed collector ring effectively allows power through to the sweep motor and prevents the cables from twisting as the sweep rotates.

Key Features

Capacities up to 6,500 BPH
Unload Auger Diameter 10" or 12"
Fits bin diameters 30' - 105'

Features and Options

​Standard Control Panel

  • Main Disconnect
  • Auger ON/OFF Switch
  • Drive FWD/OFF/REV Switch
  • Emergency Stop
  • Overloads for all Motors
  • Can Operate Two Drives (72’ and longer require two drives)

Auto-Drive Control Panel

  • All Standard Panel Features, plus
  • Digital Ammeter (Auger Motor)
  • Auto-Drive Forward based on Auger Motor Amps
  • Auto-Reverse


  • UL Collector Ring Sump
  • Corded Sump
  • Receiver/Pivot Options
  • Park Plates/Track Strips