X-Series Sweeps


A True Zero-Entry Sweep

No in-bin preparation is required prior to starting the X-Series Sweep, a true Zero-Entry sweep. Simply start and monitor operation from the externally mounted control panel and watch your system work for you.

Key Features

Capacities 3,000 - 10,000 bph
Auger Diameters 12", 16"
Fits bin diameters 30' - 156' on flush floors


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Leave in place motor covers

GSI uses heavy-duty leave in place motor covers, eliminating the need to uncover or prep motors prior to sweep start up, making the X-Series a true zero-entry sweep at all stages of operation.

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Positive Drive

Motor/gearbox combination drives a sprocket, which engages a track anchored to the concrete floor, eliminating slippage of the drive tractor. Gearbox is factory filled with food-grade lubricant.
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Information at your control

The control panel monitors and displays several key pieces of information, allowing for manual or automatic operation. To even further promote safety, the panel allows for the easy integration of safety switches such as light curtains.
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Integrated Plow

Our integrated plow provides a cleaner sweep near the bin wall with an adjustable design to accommodate doorframes. Shear bolt design prevents major damage to sweep or obstacle in event of contact.

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Built Tough

Our heavy-duty design is built to stand up to the toughest environment with reinforced hanger-bearing brackets, heavy duty tapered roller bearings, and robust construction.

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Intuitive Controls

In the event of an avalanche, the X-Series senses an amperage spike and immediately reverses the sweep while keeping the flight engaged to allow for seamless operation of the sweep with no entry.


One size does not fit all when it comes to sweeping grain, and that’s why GSI has a full line of bin sweeps an unload options. With the ability to move 3000-10,000 bushels per hour, all started and operated without entering the bin, an X-Series can be a safe and efficient sweep option for you.

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