Chain Loop

Save on labor, improve overall throughput and protect grain quality in one easy-to-use system. Unlike unload augers, the chain loop system is: efficient, versatile, durable, safe, and less damaging to grain. By combining the loading, transferring, filling and unloading processes into one economical, easy-to-use system, the GSI Chain Loop is designed to move larger volumes of grain – up to 10,000 bu/hr – gently and efficiently throughout your system.

Key Features

Capacity 4,000 - 10,000 Bushels per Hour
Tube Diameter 8”, 10” SD, 10" HD, 12”
Paddle Material UHMW
Chain 81XHH


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Gentle Grain Handling

Our chain loop system utilizes UHMW paddles and conveyor chains to gently pull the grain, resulting in less grain damage than traditional augers.
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Durable Construction

Our chain loop system exceeds conventional auger or air systems in life expectancy even when moving some of the most abrasive grains. Corrosion and abrasion resistant, powder coat finished corners keep your system working great for longer.
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Easy Operation

One person can safely and easily transfer grain from one or more bins and move it to another. Whether its corn or wheat, soybeans or rice, the enclosed loop design lets you select the grain flow path by opening or closing the discharge gates, which can be controlled from the ground.



Conventional Unload

The Chain Loop system can be angled to accommodate conventional front unloaders.

Inspection Corner

Easy access allows you to inspect chain or paddle wear as well as inspecting chain tension without hassle.

Heavy-Duty Options

Heavy-duty 10" and 12" Chain Loops feature pillow block bearings with enhanced safety guarding, and ACME threaded take-up rods. Square-to-round transitions are also available on heavy-duty 10" and 12". Bolted transitions are split to make maintenance easy.


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